About occupancy certification

Mixed classes of buildings and multiple buildings on a single permit

Building permits make reference to building classifications defined by the National Construction Code for the type of structure being built. 

These classifications determine the standards and requirements that apply to that type of building.

A single building permit can include more than one building classification and could receive separate occupancy certificates for each building classification.

No dependency between classes of building

If there is more than one class of building included on a building permit, but each of the classes are individual elements and not dependent on each other, occupancy certification can be granted separately for each of the classifications.

This means that each classification of building on a building permit will be assessed for occupancy certification and different levels of certification can be granted for different classes.

For example, a single building permit might include the construction of a house (Class 1a building), a separate garden shed (Class 10a building) and a blockwork boundary fence (Class 10b building).

In this example, it is possible for up to three separate occupancy certifications could be granted.

The occupancy certification granted for each class of building will depend on the level of compliance with certification processes and the approved plans.

Using the example above, it might be possible for the house and garden shed to have complied fully with technical and legislative requirements and be granted an occupancy permit.  However the blockwork fence may not have had all the required inspections carried out during construction, and might only be eligible for a certificate of substantial compliance.

If separate occupancy certifications are issued for work under a single building permit, each certificate will state which classification has been certified. 

This information will also be available on the building file, and will display on administrative interests available from the land titles office. Read more about access to building files.

The separate occupancy certifications could be issued at different times as each element of the building permit is completed.

If all of the work included on a building permit is completed at the same time, and the work is assessed as achieving the same level of occupancy certification, a single occupancy certification including all of the classes may be granted.

Dependency between building classes

If there is more than one building classification included on a building permit, and those classes of building are reliant on each other, it is not possible for separate occupancy certification to be issued.

Where there is a non-compliance with one part of the building work which affects the compliance of other parts of the work, the highest level of occupancy certification available for all reliant parts of the work will be the certification level available to the non-compliant part.

As projects vary, talk to your building certifier about the level of occupancy certification for your project.

Go to the occupancy certification guidelines for more information.

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Last updated: 30 June 2016

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