Building and renovating a home

What is prescribed residential building work

This page has information on building work in the Northern Territory that is prescribed by law. 

If your building work is prescribed, you must use a registered builder or contractor.

Your building work is considered prescribed if it's worth more than $12,000 and involves one of the following buildings:

  • a class 1a building, for example a single dwelling, a detached house or attached townhouses or duplexes
  • a class 2 building, for example attached units or flats
  • extensions and renovations to class 1a or class 2 buildings where the floor area is increased
  • a class 10 building - for example a garage, carport or shed - attached to and built at the same time as a class 1a or class 2 building
  • a retaining wall - whenever built - that is not attached to a class 1a or class 2 building but on which the integrity of such a building depends
  • the relocation of an existing building.

Requirements of prescribed work

You must use a registered building contractor for prescribed building work. Read about choosing a builder or contractor.

You must sign a contract with your builder for prescribed building work. Read about signing a residential building contract.

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Last updated: 31 March 2016

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