Tabletop Track

Heat warning

Temperatures across the Northern Territory can be very hot between October and April.

It can exceed 40 degrees celsius in some locations. High humidity in the Top End can also make you tire easily.

Check forecast temperatures before you visit. Find out how to prepare and stay safe in the heat.

The Tabletop Track is an excellent, long bushwalk that lets you experience the remote wilderness of the Top End.

The walk takes you through Litchfield National Park woodlands, along creeks and to scenic waterfalls and pools.

The 39km circuit is suited for experienced, fit and well-prepared bushwalkers who can carry supplies. There are minimal facilities along the trail.

The threat of wildfires may close the track at other times.

The Tabletop Track is accessed by one of several link walks. You can also use the links to walk shorter sections of the track.

There are link walks at Florence Falls, Greenant Creek, Wangi Falls and Walker Creek.

Get the Tabletop Track information sheet and map PDF (1.6 MB).

Check if the track is open

Tabletop Track

Activity / SiteStatusComments Forecast opening
Tabletop track access Closed Closed for seasonal weather conditions. Anticipated re-opening June 2022, dependent on weather.

Full circuit 39km Three to five days Grades 3 to 4 - moderate to moderate/difficult
Florence Falls to Greenant Creek 22.5km Allow two days Grade 4 - moderate to difficult
Greenant Creek to Wangi Falls 8.4km Allow one to two days Grade 4 - moderate to difficult
Wangi Falls to Walker Creek 17.5km Allow two days Grade 4 - moderate to difficult
Walker Creek to Florence Falls 10.7km Allow one to two days Grade 3 - moderate

A large part of the track from Florence Falls to Greenant Creek has no natural waterways.

If you want to camp, you must book and pay.

You can stay at one of the three campgrounds along the track, or at marked campgrounds elsewhere in the park.

You should carry all of the following items in a good backpack:

  • water - at least two litres per person, per day
  • food and snacks
  • a compass, first-aid kit and pocket knife
  • cooking and eating utensils
  • a fuel stove, fuel and matches
  • spare clothes, toiletries, toilet paper and a trowel
  • sunscreen and DEET-based insect repellent
  • a sleeping mat, blanket, mosquito net or tent.

Your group must carry a topographic map of the area. Somebody in your group must know how to read the map.

You should carry some form of emergency communication such as a satellite phone or personal locator beacon. Don't rely on mobile phones.

The brochure and map 'Australia's Northern Territory Litchfield National Park' is a helpful guide. You can buy this guide from various outlets in Darwin and Batchelor, including the Parks and Wildlife permits office in Millner.

Read about bushwalking safety.

Last updated: 01 March 2022

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