Limmen National Park

Heat warning

Temperatures across the Northern Territory can be very hot between October and April.

It can exceed 40 degrees Celsius in some locations. High humidity in the Top End can also make you tire easily.

Check forecast temperatures before you visit. Find out how to prepare and stay safe in the heat.

Limmen National Park is a favourite among self-reliant anglers and four-wheel drivers.

There's a community of travellers who come here annually, especially to catch barramundi.

It's perfect for visitors looking for a remote experience in an amazing landscape.

This park has many land and water attractions and is located in the Gulf region of the Northern Territory (NT).

You should bring your walking boots to see the striking sandstone formations of the Southern Lost City and Western Lost City PDF (1.5 MB).

The Southern Lost City is open access but you will need a code to access the Western Lost City. You can get the code from the information centre at Nathan River Ranger Station.

Bird watching enthusiasts can discover extensive birdlife along the rivers and lagoons, while swimmers can head to Butterfly Falls to cool off.

Butterfly Falls is seasonal and can stop flowing in the dry season so you may not be able to swim all year round.

Get the Limmen National Park fact sheet and map PDF (957.3 KB).

Limmen National Park - Butterfly Falls Limmen National Park - Lost City Limmen National Park - Striking sandstone formations


Phone: 08 8975 9940

Park sitesStatusComments Forecast opening
Limmen National Park Closed Closed for the wet season
Port Roper Road Closed -
Nathan River Road Closed -
Ryans Bend Road Closed -
Butterfly Falls Closed -
Southern Lost City Closed -
Western Lost City Closed -
Munbililla – Tomato Island Closed -
Towns River Public Boat Ramp, corner of The Savannah Way Closed -
Towns River campgroundClosed -
Limmen River campgroundClosed -
Didi baba campgroundClosed -
Mountain Creek campgroundClosed -
Yurrlmunji campgroundClosed -

Seasonal closures. The park may close due to flooding in the Wet Season.

Take the Stuart and Roper Highways in the NT or Carpentaria Highway from Queensland. Follow the Savannah Way into Limmen National Park.

Check road conditions before you leave home.

You can do all of the following activities in the park:

  • swimming
  • boating
  • bushwalking
  • fishing
  • camping
  • four-wheel driving
  • wildlife spotting
  • visit Aboriginal sites.

Download Avenza map app before you leave.

You should have enough fuel and food for your journey. There are limited services between Roper Bar Park and Store and Cape Crawford a distance of 338km. There are very limited supplies at Limmen Bight Fishing Camp and Lorella Springs Wilderness Park.

Get the code to visit the Western Lost City from Nathan River Ranger Station.

You can camp at Munbililla (Tomato Island), Limmen Bight River, Towns River, Southern Lost City, Butterfly Falls, Didi Baba, Yurrlmundji or Mountain Creek.

Limmen National Park has all of the following facilities:

  • information signs and display
  • ranger station
  • four-wheel drive track
  • fire pit
  • drinking water
  • public toilets
  • picnic area
  • shelter
  • walking tracks.

When visiting the park, remember all of the following:

  • a permit is required for drone use - conditions apply and it must be obtained prior to your arrival in the park
  • put your rubbish in the bin or take it with you
  • cultural items and wildlife are protected
  • pets are not permitted
  • nets, traps and firearms are not permitted
  • don't use soaps and detergents near waterways
  • be careful with fire and light fires only in fireplaces provided
  • camp only in marked camping areas
  • collect fallen timber for firewood on the way to your picnic or campsite
  • chainsaws are not permitted in the park
  • follow fishing laws
  • quad and trail bikes are not permitted off-road in the park
  • only use generators between 7.30am to 8.30pm.

Read about possession limits for fish in the NT.

You can have a safe and comfortable trip to Limmen National Park by doing all of the following:

  • make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and equipped and take enough fuel
  • stay on marked roads and tracks
  • use free interactive park maps on your mobile phone or tablet
  • observe park safety signs
  • carry and drink plenty of water
  • wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • carry a first aid kit
  • avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day
  • do not swim anywhere but Butterfly Falls - there are saltwater crocodiles in all other waterways in Limmen National Park so Be Crocwise at all times.

Last updated: 01 March 2022

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