Elsey National Park

The park is 8km from Mataranka and home to historical sites and crystal clear thermal pools. Enjoy a scenic walk or land based fishing.

Elsey National Park is located 120km south of Katherine near Mataranka.

The park is best known for its thermal pools that stay a warm 34°C year round.

It's also popular for boating and fishing with 2 boat ramps and several land fishing locations along the Roper River.

Scenic walks including the World War II Aboriginal Army Camp and historical sites such as the Old Mataranka Sheep Dip are just some of the things you can experience.

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Check if the park is open

Parks may close unexpectedly due to bushfires, flooding or park maintenance.

Before you go, check if the park is open.

Prepare and stay safe

To enjoy your trip, find out about safety and rules in the park.

Places to go

Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs

Enjoy a swim in the warm thermal waters

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Mataranka Thermal Pool

Mataranka Thermal Pool

Take a swim in the paperbark, palm fringed thermal pools

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Places to swim and how to be safe around water

Camping and fishing

Where you can camp and fish


Where you can walk or hike to some swimming and picnic spots