Camping and fishing in Elsey National Park

Where you can camp and fish

Jalmurark Campground is a non-powered, 2WD campground with room for caravans and trailers.

Facilities include:

  • toilets
  • showers
  • BBQs.

It is a category A site. Read camping category ratings for fees that apply.

When camping you must:

  • boil all water before consuming
  • take your rubbish with you as bins are not provided
  • collect firewood from the sides of the main roads
  • be careful with fire and keep fires in the designated fire pits
  • be 50m away from water ways when washing up or bathing with soaps or detergents.

You can't bring pets, generators and fireworks into the park.

Book and pay online

You must book and pay online for designated campsites and some multi-day walking trails. Do this before you go.

You can't pay at the park.

Find out more about how to use parks booking system.

If you are ready, book now.


You don't need a permit to fish. Traps, nets and spears are prohibited.

Fishing locations

No fishing at Bitter Springs, Mataranka Thermal Pools or Stevie’s Hole.

Fishing locations along the Roper River include:

  • 4 Mile
  • 11 Mile
  • 12 Mile Yards (Jalmurark Campground)
  • Korwan (Mataranka Falls)
  • Little Roper - end of Botanic Walk
  • Wabalarr and Mururark have deep waterholes that can be fished from the riverbank
  • Waterhouse River - adjacent to the Mataranka Thermal Pools.

Boat ramps

There are concrete boat ramps at 4 Mile and 12 Mile Yards (Jamurark Campground).

Most park locations limit outboard motor sizes to a maximum of 15hp. Check with the ranger station.

After launching your boat, keep the boat ramp free for others by returning your vehicle to the carpark.

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Last updated: 01 March 2022

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