Check the tides


Tidal predictions for the Northern Territory (NT) are supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The NT tide predictions interactive map on the Bureau of Meteorology website allows you to choose a location and find:

  • the time and height of the next high tide
  • the time and height of the next low tide
  • its current time zone
  • its latitude and longitude.

It will also give you information for the previous, current and following seven days for the area including:

  • high tide times and heights
  • low tide times and heights
  • moon phases.

Apply for tidal predictions

To apply for tidal predictions, contact the Bureau of Meteorology Tidal Unit.

You can also contact the unit if you need more information about tides or to publish tidal information.

Disclaimer for supply of tidal information: All information is supplied in good faith and is believed to be correct. It is supplied on the condition that no warranty is given in relation thereto, that no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions is, or will be, accepted and that the recipient will hold the Northern Territory Government free from all such responsibility or liability and from all loss or damage incurred as a consequence of any error or omission.

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Last updated: 20 April 2016

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