Find a boat ramp

This page includes an interactive map to help you find a boat ramp, as well as a list of all ramps in the Northern Territory (NT).

You must take care when launching and retrieving your boat.

Crocodile safety is very important as these deadly predators live in most NT waters.

You must use caution on boat ramps as they may be slippery.

NT boat ramp map

View the public boat ramps in the NT in a larger map.

Information on tides

Tidal access information is only an estimation. It can change due to environmental conditions.

Darwin boat ramps

RampLocation Tidal access
Dinah Beach ramp Approximately 3km from central Darwin on Frances Bay Drive 2.5m
Hudson Creek ramp Casey Street East Arm Above 2.5m
Doyles ramp (Darwin Ski Club) End of Conacher Street adjacent to the Ski Club on the foreshores of Fannie Bay approximately 4km from central Darwin Above 2.5m
Nightcliff ramp Corner of Banksia Street and Casuarina Drive, Nightcliff, approximately 2km from Nightcliff Shopping Centre Above 2.5m
Palmerston ramp Adjacent to Elizabeth River Bridge on the Palmerston side, approximately 9km from Stuart Highway via University Avenue Most tides
Channel Island ramp Approximately 25km west of Palmerston, across Elizabeth River Bridge Most tides
Middle Arm ramp End of Middle Arm Road approximately 15km from Cox Peninsula Road Most tides but may be difficult at low water
Buffalo Creek ramp Approximately 2km from signpost on Lee Point Road - Buffalo Creek provides access to Shoal Bay.
Secure parking is available approximately 70 metres from the boat ramp. It's free. You must call for access when you arrive. 
All tides at ramp - no access through Buffalo Creek mouth below 4m
Leaders Creek ramp The turn-off to the Leaders Creek ramp is approximately 44km along Gunn Point Road off Howard Springs Road - turn right at the signpost. Parts of the road may be badly corrugated. Above 2m
Saltwater Arm ramp The turn off to Saltwater Arm boat ramp is 2km before the Leaders Creek ramp Above 2m
Adelaide River ramp Next to Adelaide River Bridge on the Arnhem Highway Most tides but difficulties may be encountered on extremely low water
Corroboree Billabong ramp Corroboree ramp, turn left 1km east of Corroboree Park tavern and follow the signs No tidal influence
Rock Hole ramp Turn left off Point Stuart Road No tidal influence
Mary River ramp Upstream of Mary River Bridge on the Arnhem Highway No tidal influence
Shady Camp ramps Upstream and downstream of Shady Camp barrage No tidal influence on freshwater side, seasonal on saltwater side, generally half tide upwards
South Alligator ramp Downstream of the South Alligator bridge on the Arnhem Highway Varies, generally half tide upwards
East Alligator ramps Upstream and downstream of Cahills Crossing Varies, generally half tide upwards
Dundee Beach ramp Native Point Dundee Lodge

The ramp is accessible at tides above 2.5m.

Sediment build up at the ramp can occur and maintenance is ongoing.

Ramp users should check on current conditions.

Finniss River ramp Hardcastle Road No tidal influence
Milne Inlet ramp Milne Road Bynoe Harbour Above 3m
Six Pack Creek ramp Bynoe Harbour Above 2.5m
Channel Point ramp Permit required. Read about permits for Channel Point. Above 3.5m
Daly River ramp Wooliana Road Most tides

Nhulunbuy boat ramps

Ramp Tidal access
Sea Swift Community Boat ramp Above 1.5m
Gove Yacht Club ramp Mid-tide upwards

Gulf of Carpentaria boat ramps

RampLocation Tidal access
Roper Bar ramp Roper Bar Crossing Roper Highway Above 2.5m
Tomato Island ramp Roper Highway Above 2.5m
No. 1 landing ramp Roper River mouth Above 2m
Borroloola Town ramp Borroloola Town Above 3.5m
Rocky Creek ramp Rocky Creek Above 3.5m
Mule Creek ramp Mule Creek Above 2.5m
King Ash Bay Boat ramp King Ash Bay Mid tide and upwards

Last updated: 05 November 2020

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