Rules for pets in parks

There are rules about bringing pets or other animals to parks in the Northern Territory (NT). 

Pets are generally not allowed in parks and reserves. 

If you bring an animal into a park you may get an on-the-spot fine.

For more information about pets in NT parks and reserves read the information sheet (956.9 kb).

Where to walk dogs

You can walk a dog on a leash within designated areas in the recreation parks below. 

Darwin region

You can walk your dog at these parks in the Darwin region: 

  • George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens
  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve - signs indicate leash and leash-free areas
  • Holmes Jungle Nature Park.

Alice Springs region 

You can walk your dog at Owen Springs Reserve. Dogs are allowed south of the Waterhouse Range only and must be under control.

Assistance animals

If you have a disability you do not need a permit to bring an accredited assistance animal, including a guide or hearing dog, into a park or reserve. 

The animal must be kept under control at all times.

Contact the relevant ranger station to tell them when you would like to visit with an assistance animal.

Hunting dogs

Dogs may be used in hunting reserves during hunting season only. 

You should keep dogs on a leash when you are not hunting.

The hunting reserves are Harrison Dam, Howard Springs Hunting Reserve, Shoal Bay Coastal Reserve and Lambells Lagoon.

Find out more about pig hunting in reserves.

Other animals in parks

There are rules for taking horses, donkeys, mules, camels, or any other animals into NT parks and reserves.

Contact Parks and Wildlife NT
 for more information.

Last updated: 27 June 2017