School fees and contributions

Tuition for the standard curriculum program is provided free to all students in government schools.

There are three areas where you may be requested to make a contribution:

  • educational items
  • optional extras
  • voluntary contributions.

Educational items

You are expected to provide, or reimburse the school to provide, educational items for your child eg stationery, text books and school uniforms.

These items are generally available to purchase from the school.

The Back to School Payment Scheme may be used for some of these purchases.

Optional extra items

These are materials, services or facilities for your child which you may be charged a fee by the school.

The items may include:

  • instructional support or resources eg printing for personal use.
  • extra-curricular programs or activities eg instrumental music tuition, swimming lessons or school camps
  • entry costs for performances, productions or events
  • materials or services that are a higher cost than required by the standard curriculum eg use of mahogany in woodwork instead of standard pine
  • hire of equipment or other materials, services or facilities eg hire of a musical instrument or notebook computer.

The Back to School Payment Scheme may be used for some optional extra items.

Voluntary financial contributions and donations

You may be asked to make a financial contribution or donation to your child's school for a specific purpose.

You are not obliged to contribute.

These contributions are used to improve resources for student learning, recreation and comfort eg a building or library trust fund.

If your child's school has gift recipient status your contribution or donation may be tax deductible.

If you are unable to pay

If you are unable to contribute to optional extra items because of financial hardship you should arrange a confidential talk with the school principal.

Confidentiality, privacy and dignity will always be maintained.

Last updated: 24 August 2015

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