Equity training program

If you want to run a program to improve training and employment outcomes for disadvantaged people in the Northern Territory (NT), you can apply for an NT equity training grant.

These grants provide funding for programs that increase training and employment opportunities for:

  • people with a disability
  • parents returning to the workforce after an absence of five years or more
  • long-term unemployed migrants
  • refugees
  • mature-aged people
  • very long-term unemployed people, or those at risk of becoming very long-term unemployed.

Who can apply

You need to be one of the following to apply:

  • an incorporated organisation
  • a registered training organisation
  • a school.

Applications are open all year until the funding pool has been exhausted.


For more information about the program guidelines and how to apply, call 08 8935 7732.

Last updated: 09 September 2020

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