Freedom of information

What happens after you lodge a request

The government has 30 days after they receive your application to:

  • locate the information you have requested
  • assess what information can be released
  • provide you with a decision in writing about whether you have been granted access and
  • provide you with the reasons for withholding some or all of the information you requested.

The organisation may tell you that it requires more time if:

  • the application relates to a large amount of information
  • extensive searches are required to locate the information
  • complying with the 30-day period would unreasonably interfere with the conduct of the operations of the organisation
  • the application includes information about a third party and further time is required to seek the third party's views in regards to the release of the information.

The organisation will provide you with the details and reasons for any such delays. If you're concerned the delays are unreasonable, you can seek advice from the Office of the Information Commissioner NT.

The organisation may:

  • provide you with access in full
  • provide you with access in part
  • refuse access
  • neither confirm nor deny that information exists but state that if it did the information would be exempt.

For more information or to get advice, go to the Office of the Information Commissioner NT website.

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Last updated: 02 September 2020

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