Financial help for victims of crime


If you have been a victim of, or affected by, a violent crime in the Northern Territory (NT), you can apply for financial help.

The amount you could be paid depends on the circumstances of the violent act.

It depends whether:

  • you need immediate financial help
  • you are the victim of a violent act
  • you witnessed or are affected by a violent act
  • a family member or someone you were financially dependent on has died after a violent act.

When you can't apply for help

You can’t apply for financial help if either:

  • your injury was caused by a vehicle accident and you can claim compensation under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act
  • or your injury happened at work and you can claim worker’s compensation.

If you receive victim’s financial assistance and then also receive money from another source you may have to give the money back.

When your application may be refused

Your application may be refused if any of the following apply:

  • you didn’t report the violent act to the police within a reasonable time
  • you didn’t help police in the investigation or prosecution
  • the violent act can’t be proved
  • you can’t provide proof of your injuries or expenses.

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Last updated: 28 May 2015

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