How to apply to NTCAT

Anyone in the Northern Territory (NT) can apply to NTCAT to review an administrative decision or resolve a civil dispute that is within NTCAT's jurisdiction.

How to apply

To start a case do the following:

Step 1. Fill in the initiating application form (79.4 kb). If you are applying to change an existing NTCAT matter, fill in the ordinary application form (86.6 kb)
Step 2. Check the fee. You can pay in person when you submit or by filling in a credit card payment form (46.5 kb).
Step 3. Submit the application and fee in any of the following ways: 


Send your application and credit card payment form to

In person

Submit your application and fee at your nearest NTCAT office. If you live in a remote area you can submit your application and fee at your local NT court facility.


Send your application and credit card payment form to:

PO Box 41860
Casuarina NT 0810

After you apply

The registrar will decide whether to accept your application. Once the registrar has approved your application, you will receive a copy to serve to respondents

A respondent is the individual or organisation against whom you have taken legal action.

Respondents will have a chance to file and serve a response

After the response is filed and served 

You and the respondents will be asked to attend a tribunal hearing. More than one hearing may be needed.

The tribunal may ask you and the respondents to attend a compulsory conference to work out how to settle your dispute. The conference is led by a member of the tribunal.

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Last updated: 17 August 2018