Domestic violence orders

DVO now enforced nationally

From 25 November 2017, a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) issued in the Northern Territory or in any other state or territory will be automatically recognised and enforced anywhere in Australia.

If you have applied for a DVO and travel or move to another state or territory, you do not need to get another order unless you want to change the current conditions of the order.

If a DVO has been issued against you, the conditions will apply in any other state or territory and you can be punished by a court if you breach an order.

If your DVO was issued before 25 November, you can apply to have it declared at any time through a local court so you are protected anywhere in Australia.

Find out more about the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme.


To find out how to make an existing DVO nationally recognised contact your local court by email.


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Last updated: 05 October 2018

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