Managing your staff: workforce planning

Retain and support workers

Businesses are constantly competing for the best talent. Implementing strategies to support and retain your staff will help you keep your best people.

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Retaining workers

You can retain skilled staff by creating a workplace that supports employees to perform at their best.

To create an engaging workplace, do all of the following:

  • encourage new ideas and open communication
  • acknowledge and reward employees’ contributions
  • provide regular, constructive feedback
  • facilitate opportunities for development, learning and career growth
  • value fun, flexibility and fairness
  • support work-life balance and social responsibility.

5.1 Retain and support checklist DOCX (42.4 KB)
5.1 Retain and support checklist PDF (46.3 KB)

5.2 Cost of turnover calculator form DOCX (46.6 KB)
5.2 Cost of turnover calculator form PDF (51.6 KB)

Supporting workers

Help support your employees across the following three key categories:

Workforce diversity

Your employees may come from diverse cultural backgrounds and across generations. It’s important to be mindful that all require different types of support.

Health and wellbeing

Support health and wellbeing in the workplace by:

  • displaying commitment to employee welfare
  • involving employees in the development of programs
  • ensuring programs relate to workforce needs
  • considering a broad range of initiatives.

Employee assistance

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide a professional and confidential counselling service to help resolve problems that may affect an employee’s wellbeing.

Implement EAPs to help employees cope with any of the following:

  • interpersonal conflict
  • change management
  • redundancy and downsizing
  • workplace restructures or mergers
  • conflict and stress management
  • personal and family issues.

5.3 Employee feedback survey form DOCX (47.4 KB)
5.3 Employee feedback survey form PDF (53.4 KB)

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Last updated: 02 February 2016

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