After you submit your tender

Find out what happens after submitting your tender.

Get the tendering guide for help doing business with government.

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Assessment and award

The time taken to assess, depends on the size and type of contract it is.

Your submission will be assessed against the selection criteria and weightings.

You will be advised if your offer was successful or not.

This is done by the agency responsible for the procurement.

The notice of acceptance will be sent to the email address included in your submission.

Successful tender

If your tender is successful, you will receive a notice of acceptance.

You are now in contract with government.

The contract includes the rights and obligations of both parties.

It also includes multiple documents, including your offer.

The next step is to arrange a kick-off meeting with the project officer. Read about managing your contract.

You can ask for a debrief, even if you are successful.

Unsuccessful tender

If your tender is unsuccessful, you will be offered a debrief by the assessment panel.

This will help you improve your next submission.

During the debrief, you will only be told:

  • who won the contract
  • the value.

This information is also included in your unsuccessful letter.

You will not be told about other responses.

The focus is on your submissions strengths and weaknesses only.

If you are not offered a debrief, contact the officer listed in your tender documents.

You can also provide procurement feedback to us.


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Last updated: 04 September 2020

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