Pawnbrokers and second-hand dealer licences

Fees for pawnbroker and second-hand dealer licences

Licence fees are exempt from GST.

The fees below also apply to applications to register licences from outside the NT.

​Application fee​Licence fee
Pawnbrokers licence or second-hand dealers licence1 year​$64$200$264
2 years​$64$336$400
3 years​$64$472$536
Pawnbrokers licence or second-hand dealers licence - corporation​1 year​$135$200$335
2 years​$135$336$471
3 years​$135$472$607
Combined pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers licence1 year​$200$271$471
​2 years$100$472$572
​3 years$100$607$707
Combined pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers licence - corporation​1 year​​$200​$271$371
​2 years​$200$472$672
​3 years​$200$607$807
Police history name check​​$70
Additional business premise   $135
Penalty for late renewal application   $200
Waiver of publication of notice under section 251   $135

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Last updated: 14 September 2018


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