Fake or false ID

Seize fake or false ID

Anyone who works at a licensed premise should look out for fake or false ID.

If you suspect that an ID is fake or false, you should follow these instructions.

Step 1. Seize ID

You should seize any suspected fake or false ID that is presented in an attempt to:

  • enter a licensed venue
  • buy alcohol.

Step 2. Issue seized ID advice card

After you have seized a fake or false ID, give the person a seized identification advice card.

Make sure you record the date and venue name on the card.

Explain that you are required by law to seize suspected fake or false IDs.

The person can call the phone number on the back of the card for more information or to get their ID back.

Step 3. Record details in incident register and secure ID

If your workplace has an incident register, you should record any relevant details as soon as practical.

You should also make sure the ID is stored in a safe location.

Step 4. Tell the licencee or nominee

At the end of the shift or the next day, advise the licencee or nominee that you have seized a suspected fake or false ID.

Step 5. Tell Licensing NT you are holding a seized ID

You can contact Licensing NT by either:

Step 6. Fill in and submit a seized ID advice form

You must fill in a seized ID advice form and submit the form and seized ID to your nearest Licensing NT office either in person, email, mail or fax within 72 hours.

Seized ID advice form DOCX (35.1 KB)
Seized ID advice form PDF (82.1 KB)

You should also keep a copy of the form for your records.

Email/fax and mail

If you are outside of Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs, you should send your form and a scanned copy of the seized ID by either:

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Last updated: 30 July 2021

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