Fake or false ID

Fake ID laws

It is an offence to use fake or fraudulent identification (ID) to buy alcohol or gain access to nightclubs or pubs.

Fake ID laws for children

Children cannot do any of the following:

  • create and/or use a fake or false ID to get into a pub or nightclub, or to buy alcohol
  • alter any form of ID in an attempt to appear older
  • give a false ID to another child, so that they can get into a pub or nightclub, or buy alcohol
  • use a fake or false ID to try and get a genuine ID, such as an Evidence of Age card.

Fake ID rules for adults

It is an offence to give a child your ID if it is likely to be used for any of the following:

  • to get into a nightclub or pub
  • to buy alcohol
  • to obtain a genuine ID.

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Last updated: 11 December 2015

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