Showing ID when you buy takeaway alcohol

Changes to the NT Liquor Act

On 1 October 2019, liquor laws changed in the Northern Territory (NT).

The information below is currently under review.

For more up to date information, contact Licensing NT.

All Territorians and visitors to the Northern Territory (NT) must show photo ID to buy takeaway alcohol.

Find out more about the changes to who can buy takeaway alcohol.

Approved identification

The photo ID system reads the following types of identification cards:

  • Australian or most international driver licences
  • Australian or most international passports
  • Evidence of age card - also known as 18+ card
  • Firearms licence
  • NT Ochre Card - also known as a working with children clearance
  • Australia Post Keypass Card.

No other forms of ID will be accepted.

Examples of identification

Driver licence

Example of a driver licence

Evidence of age card

Example of a evidence of age card


To find out more call the Banned Drinker Register hotline on 1800 237 226 or email

Last updated: 26 March 2021

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