Camera surveillance in licensed premises

A licensed premise in the Northern Territory (NT) may have a camera surveillance condition as part of its liquor licence.

If you are a licensee and camera surveillance is a condition of your liquor licence, you must follow these guidelines. If you don't, you will breach your liquor licence conditions.

Camera surveillance plan

If camera surveillance is a condition of your liquor licence, you need a camera surveillance plan.

Your camera surveillance plan must include all of the following details:

  • camera surveillance equipment technical specifications
  • camera surveillance equipment locations
  • physical and electronic security arrangements for all camera surveillance equipment
  • staff authorised to access camera surveillance equipment
  • ongoing maintenance arrangements.

How to submit your camera surveillance plan

Your camera surveillance plan should be included as part of your application for a liquor licence.

Camera surveillance system

Your camera surveillance system must comply with your camera surveillance plan.

Number of surveillance cameras required

The number of surveillance cameras you need depends on the type of premises you operate.

Late night premises

Late night premises and other premises trading past midnight must have cameras in all of the following locations:

  • inside each entrance
  • outside each entrance to a radius of 10m
  • liquor service areas
  • other areas as reasonably directed by the Director-General, such as dance floors, passageways and stairwells.

Other premises

Other premises identified by the Director-General must have cameras that cover all of the following locations:

  • the sales counter
  • inside the main entrance
  • other areas as reasonably directed by the Director-General, such as liquor storage cabinets and storage fridges accessible by the public.

General surveillance camera guidelines


Your surveillance camera system and its recordings must be protected from unauthorised access and tampering.


You must display signs in all areas subject to camera surveillance.

The signs must inform patrons and staff the area is under electronic surveillance for safety and security reasons.

Logbook requirements

You must use a logbook to record all of the following details:

  • start and finish times of employees responsible for camera surveillance
  • start and finish times of surveillance recordings
  • information about any incidents
  • occasions when recordings have been viewed or copied, including the identities of those involved.

Contact Licensing NT for more information about approved camera surveillance logbooks.

Employee register

You need to maintain a register of employees trained and authorised to use the surveillance camera equipment.

This register must include all of the following details for each authorised person:

  • name
  • training details
  • position at the premises.

You can incorporate the employee register into your logbook if needed.

System requirements

Your surveillance camera system must be able to do all of the following:

  • create digital recordings
  • produce images of a sufficient size and clarity to identify individuals
  • operate at a minimum of eight frames per second
  • ensure that the time and date can be read when the image is played back on a different system.
  • allow for immediate viewing or replay of earlier recorded events
  • produce clear copies of recordings that can be played back on a different system
  • continue for at least 15 minutes in the event of a power failure.

Old recordings

You must record and keep images produced by all cameras for a minimum of 14 days.

Power failures

If a power failure exceeds 15 minutes, you should note the outage in the logbook as soon as practical.

Access to recordings

You must provide access to, and copies of, surveillance recordings when requested by NT Police or licensing inspectors.

Approved installers

All camera surveillance system installers must be registered with the Director-General.

The Director-General has approved the following installers:

In the Northern Territory

Alice Springs Surveillance Service
PO Box 1778
Alice Springs NT 0871

CommTech Security
3 Radge Court
Malak NT 0812

Communications Cabling
Solutions NT Pty Ltd 
PO Box 36316
Winnellie NT 0821 

Easi Industries
PO Box 1498
Katherine NT 0851

LSJ Installations and Electronics
7 Wangalara Court
Tiwi NT 0810

M & K Electrical Services
PO Box 706
Katherine NT 0850

Security and Technology Services
12 Mel Road
Berrimah NT 0828

Shane Ride Locksmiths
21 Railway Terrace
Alice Springs NT 0870

Signal Master Telecommunications
PO Box 555
Darwin NT 0800

Tech Chips Business Solutions
99 Reichhardt Road
Winnellie NT 0820

Tennant Security Service
2 Scott Street
Tennant Creek NT 0860

Outside of the Northern Territory

Commercial Security Specialists
52B Comport Street
Cairns QLD 4870

H & L Australia Pty Ltd
55 Belair Road
Kingswood SA 5062

Night Lock Pty Ltd
trading as All Hours Security, D.S.C Contracting & Kununurra Security Service
PO Box 154
Kununurra NT 6743

Optech Surveillance Solutions
308A Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton SA 5063

Tyco Safety Products
137 McCredie Road
Guildford NSW 2161

Last updated: 14 December 2017


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