Prevent and report drink spiking

This page has information for licencees about drink spiking on their premises.

Drink spiking is when alcohol or drugs are put in a person's drink without their knowledge or consent.

Drink spiking is linked to crimes such as sexual assault and theft. Young women are more commonly targeted.

Prevent drink spiking


Your staff should be aware that drink spiking can happen and ask them to be alert at all times. 

Your staff can help prevent drink spiking by not pouring double or triple shots.


You should also encourage customers to:

  • always get their own drink and watch it being poured
  • never leave drinks unattended
  • never accept drinks from others
  • never assume a friend is merely drunk - ensure they get home safely.

Report drink spiking

You have a legal duty of care to all patrons. This means you must take drink spiking seriously.

If you suspect that a crime has been committed as a result of drink spiking (i.e. sexual assault or theft), you should call the Northern Territory Police on 131 444.

Read more about calling 000.

Last updated: 21 December 2015

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