Crocodile farming and trade

If you farm and trade crocodiles and crocodile products in the Northern Territory (NT), there are regulations you must follow.

You must get a permit to keep or trade in crocodiles and their parts in the NT and you must also comply with the NT crocodile management program.

For guidelines on development of the industry, read the crocodile farming industry strategic plan.

Code of practice

The NT has adopted the national code of practice for the humane treatment of wild and farmed crocodiles. This forms part of the NT crocodile management program.

It covers activities for individuals and companies who have been granted a licence to do all of the following things:

  • capture or take crocodiles and eggs from the wild on private or public land
  • keep crocodiles for commercial raising or captive breeding
  • kill crocodiles
  • incubate eggs in controlled conditions
  • sell live crocodiles as part of the pet trade.

The code does not apply to facilities where captive crocodiles are displayed for scientific exhibition or education purposes.

To get the code of practice go to the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.


You need a permit to keep most native wildlife, including crocodiles. These permits are issued by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT.

Find out more about permits for keeping protected and prohibited wildlife.

You need a separate permit to take or harvest crocodiles or eggs from the wild. Find out how to get a permit to take or interfere with wildlife.

If you want to farm crocodiles you will need both types of permits. Contact the Parks and Wildlife permits section if you need further information.

Import, export and movements

You must get a permit to move crocodiles and products to the NT from interstate and overseas, or to export crocodile products from the NT.

Read the Agnote crocodile products: NT export and import requirements PDF (80.5 KB).

To import or export live, wild-caught crocodiles you will need to apply to NT Parks and Wildlife. Read more about importing and exporting wildlife.

You will need a permit to move farmed crocodiles or crocodile products. For more information, get the guide to livestock movement permits PDF (54.0 KB).

Importing within Australia

To bring in crocodile products from elsewhere in Australia you must get an import permit.

You must a get a new permit for each individual shipment. The permit lasts for one month.

Application to import crocodile products to the NT DOCX (40.0 KB)
Application to import crocodile products to the NT PDF (64.0 KB)

To bring live crocodiles into the NT, you must get a permit from NT Parks and Wildlife. Read more about keeping protected and prohibited wildlife.

For more information, contact:

Vicki Simlesa - Animal Welfare Inspector
Animal Biosecurity Branch, Biosecurity and Product Integrity
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
Phone: 08 8999 2036
Mobile: 0401 115 853
Fax: 08 8999 2146

Importing from overseas

You must get two permits to bring crocodile products into the NT direct from overseas.

You must get an import permit from the Australian Government. To find out more, go to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.

You must also get an NT import permit, as outlined above under Importing within Australia.

If the product is first imported to somewhere else in Australia, only an NT import permit is required.

Exporting crocodile products

You must get a permit to export crocodile products from the NT.

To apply, fill in the application form and fax it to 08 8999 2146.

Application to export crocodile products from the NT DOCX (70.6 KB)
Application to export crocodile products from the NT PDF (63.4 KB)

Crocodile care and hygiene

There are detailed guidelines for maintaining hygiene standards on crocodile farms.

Get the guidelines for biosecurity of NT crocodile farms: hygiene procedures and biosecurity concerns PDF (61.8 KB).

Crocodile farms in the NT

There are seven crocodile farms in the NT, from hatcheries to major tourism ventures.

To get information for NT crocodile farms, contact our crocodile officer.

Last updated: 22 September 2020

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