Notifiable diseases in animals and how to report them

Some animal diseases in the Northern Territory (NT), including emergency animal diseases, are classed as notifiable diseases.

This ensures they are controlled in the event they are detected.

If you are a livestock owner, manager, agent or vet you must notify Animal Biosecurity if you suspect or know an animal has one of these diseases.

Notifiable diseases of livestock

There are more than 100 diseases of livestock and animals which are classified as notifiable diseases in the NT.

Get the notifiable diseases of livestock reporting form (119.5 kb). Notifiable diseases of livestock are listed in the form.

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Notifiable diseases in bees

All of the following bee diseases must be reported:

  • American foulbrood
  • European foulbrood.

All of the following bee diseases are listed as emergency diseases and must be reported immediately:

  • acariasis of bees - acarapis woodi 
  • braula fly - braula coeca
  • small hive beetle - aethina tumida
  • tropilaelaps mite - tropilaelaps clareae
  • varroasis - varroa destructor and varroa jacobsoni.

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How to report a notifiable disease

If you suspect or confirm an emergency or exotic bee or animal disease, call Animal Biosecurity on 1800 675 888, or your local senior field veterinary, regional livestock biosecurity and technical officers.

You can also fill in the correct reporting form:

Submit the form to the chief veterinary officer as soon as possible at or by fax to (08) 8999 2146.

Last updated: 13 October 2017