About NT Herbarium and native plants

The Northern Territory (NT) has more than 4,300 species of native plants, including 702 species found only in the NT.

Many of these are endangered or vulnerable.

The number of native plants known from the NT is growing, with about 13 new species discovered or described each year.

Almost 300 species have been discovered but not formally described. The number of recorded species will grow as more study is done.

A total of 446 species of introduced plants have been recorded in the NT.

NT Herbarium

A herbarium is a 'museum or library of plant specimens'. They are part of an international network dedicated to the study and identification of plants.

The NT Herbarium has a collection of 270,000 preserved plant specimens kept for reference and research.

For more information contact the NT Herbarium using the details listed below or go to the FloraNT website.


The NT Herbarium has two locations.

NT Herbarium Palmerston

Herbarium Building
The Boulevard
Palmerston NT 0830
Phone: (08) 8999 4516

PO Box 496 
Palmerston NT 0831

NT Herbarium Alice Springs

Alice Springs Desert Park
Larapinta Drive 
Alice Springs NT 0870
Phone: (08) 8951 8791

PO Box 1120
Alice Springs NT 0871

Native plants websites

Go to any of the following websites for information on NT native plants:

Last updated: 10 February 2016

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