Environment data

You can find Northern Territory (NT) environment data and information on the following web portals and resources.

NT resourcesData description

Environment and natural resources 

  • land resources
  • native flora
  • native fauna
  • vegetation resources
  • water resources
  • weeds management
  • technical reports
Fisheries research
  • status of aquatic resources
  • annual stock status report for key NT fish species
  • primary resource for information on NT flora
  • images and distribution maps
  • species checklists
  • flora descriptions
  • conservation and weed status
  • ecological attributes
  • ethno-botanical information
  • access to the Northern Territory Herbarium specimen data
Geoscientific information 
  • mining information
  • geoscience information
  • exploration reports – minerals and energy industry
  • Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) products
Lands and planning
  • roads
  • land parcel boundaries
  • administrative boundaries
  • local government areas
  • electoral regions
  • fine scale topographic data
  • orthoimagery
  • cadastre
Mining and Energy
  • environmental reports 
  • publication, information and statistics
  • Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration (STRIKE)
NT Aerial Photography Index 
  • search for aerial photography project and data
NT Atlas and Spatial Data Directory
  • online land and development information
  • interrogate spatial data
Native plants and NT Herbarium
  • native plants
  • NT Herbarium collection
North Australia and Rangelands Fire Information (NAFI)
  • provides maps of fire based on satellite images to help fire managers across regional and remote northern Australia
Northern Territory
Environment Protection Agency
  • Environmental assessment
  • Waste and pollution
NRM InfoNet
  • Create simple summaries of key natural resources for areas of land in northern Australia.
  • Create fire reports and summaries of vegetation, soils, threatened species, weeds, pest animals and land management issues
Parks and reserves
  • parks and reserves boundaries dataset
Other resourcesDescription
Atlas of Living Australia
  • Australia's national biodiversity database
  • search Australian iconic species
  • search and explore by location using web mapping tool Explore Your Area
  • explore species occurrence records using web mapping tool Spatial Portal
  • Australian Government's spatial data catalogue
  • access to a network of open government data
  • search and download spatially-referenced datasets created by the Australian, state and territory governments
Geoscience Australia
  • Australia geoscientific and geospatial data, information and collections
  • Australia geographic information including maps, data and global navigation information
  • Australia groundwater resources information and data
  • Australia marine environment baseline mapping, definition of boundaries and characterisation of marine resources 
The Australasian Virtual Herbarium
  • access to plant specimen data held by Australian and New Zealand herbaria
  • over eight million specimens of plants, algae and fungi

Last updated: 03 August 2018