Natural Resource Maps NT

Natural Resource (NR) Maps Northern Territory (NT) is a web mapping tool to discover, research and map natural and cultural research data.

Go to the NR Maps NT website.

You can do all of the following with NR Maps NT:

  • turn different layers of information on and off
  • create your own maps
  • download maps, reports and data
  • email your area of interest with redlines and markups.

See new tools for NR Maps (522.3 kb) for more information on recent updates to NR Maps.

How to get started

For a guide to getting started on NR Maps NT you can read the quick start guide.

Quick start guide to NR Maps NT

Quick start guide to NR Maps NT (588.2 kb)
Quick start guide to NR Maps NT  (310.9 kb)

For a more detailed introduction read NR Maps: getting started (758.3 kb).

Find a bore and bore report

There are several ways to find a bore or a bore report in NR Maps.

Read NR Maps: how to find a bore and bore report (527.5 kb).

NT species atlas

The NT species atlas includes flora, fauna, sites of conservation significance and sites of botanical significance.

Read the NR Maps: NT species atlas (830.2 kb) guide.

Read more on the flora atlas or the fauna atlas.

How to download spatial data

Read the user guide NR Maps: how to download spatial data (654.4 kb) to help you download spatial data in vector and raster formats from NR Maps.

Alternatively, you can request data by following the information on the data requests page.

Search for map products

Read the user guide NR Maps: how to search for map products (1.1 mb) to help you search for map products, use the query information tools, edit the map record results and download a map in PDF format.

Last updated: 03 August 2018