Identify native plants

This page lists ways you can get information on native plants in the Northern Territory (NT).

Online resources

There are online resources to help you identify and learn about native plants.

Go to the NT Flora website for information on the distribution, identification, conservation status and other features of plants found in the NT.

You can also find a current checklist of vascular plants in the NT.

Other useful information can be found on the Department of Environment and Natural Resources website.

Plant identification service

The NT Herbarium has a plant identification service. They can also give you information and advice on plants found in the NT.

The plant identification service is free when it is for non-commercial use.

You will have to pay a fee for identification services for commercial use.

For more information about collecting plants for identification contact the NT Herbarium.

Conservation status

Read about the conservation status of threatened plants in the NT.

Last updated: 05 February 2019

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