Peaceful dove

As with all native species in the Northern Territory (NT) peaceful doves are protected. 

It is illegal to kill or take a peaceful dove from the wild without the appropriate permit. Read more about wildlife permits.

The peaceful dove is a common bird in the NT. 

It has a blue-grey face, black and white striped or barred neck, white belly and brown barred back.

It is larger than the diamond dove and smaller than the bar-shouldered dove.


Peaceful doves are found across the NT. 

They are ground foragers and mainly eat small seeds from grasses and small invertebrates. 

They are often seen in pairs or small flocks and can gather in large numbers near water.

They choose one partner and will only find another partner if their first mate dies. 

Both parents raise the young, which stay close to the parents even after fledging.

In the NT peaceful doves usually breed towards the end of the Wet Season and into the early Dry Season.


Peaceful doves are very common in the NT. Potential threats to the peaceful dove may include cats, foxes and disease.

Last updated: 01 September 2015

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