Ntaria (Hermannsburg)

Ntaria (Hermannsburg) is located in Central Australia, 125 kilometres west of Alice Springs in the traditional lands of the Western Arrernte people.

With a population of 689 residents, Hermannsburg is part of the Ljirapinta Ward of the MacDonnell Regional Council. It is on a popular tourist route – Larapinta Drive - the gateway to attractions such as:

  • Gosse Bluff
  • Finke Gorge National Park
  • Kings Canyon
  • Palm Valley.

2017 jobs profile


Key highlights

The 2017 profile highlights:

  • there were 152 filled jobs, of which:
    • 86 jobs (57%) were filled by Aboriginal peoples, a decrease of 58 jobs from 2014
    • 66 jobs (43%) were filled by non-Aboriginal peoples, a decrease of four jobs from 2014
    • 70% of employed Aboriginal peoples are working in the private sector
    • Aboriginal peoples accounted for 57% of job holders in the town compared to 67% in 2014
    • Aboriginal females made up 65% of filled Aboriginal jobs in the town compared to 58% in 2014
  • there were 38 vacant jobs, of which:
    • job vacancies as a percentage of jobs increased to 20% in 2017 from 9.3% in 2014 (one in five jobs vacant)
    • 21 of the vacancies were in community and personal service worker areas, including youth worker, child care worker and family support worker jobs
    • the local government sector experienced a high labour force turnover, with 16 vacancies compared to five in 2014, in part contributing to the reduction of filled jobs.
  • Public administration and safety industry continues to be the largest industry employer over the three survey periods, despite a decrease of 53 filled jobs compared to 2014.
  • Training had an overall decrease in student numbers across the three survey periods, with the largest decrease of 49 students between 2016 and 2013 data sets.
  • Community services, health and education were the largest training activity sectors in 2016 and 2013, followed by building and construction.
  • New training activity in 2016, food processing and process manufacturing, were delivered to 12 and five students respectively. These two training areas were not delivered in 2013 and 2010.

Read the full 2017 job profile report for Ntaria.

Ntaria job profile PDF (1.9 MB)
Ntaria job profile. DOCX (1.1 MB)

Past job profiles


Workforce planning

The community workplace planning guide PDF (2.3 MB) consists of tools and resources to assist service providers to overcome workforce challenges in remote Aboriginal communities. Find out more about remote community workforce plans.

The community workplace planning guide can be used with the workforce planning template for Ntaria DOCX (804.7 KB). This template is populated with data from the 2014 remote town job profiles.

For more information phone 08 8999 7758 or email economicinnovation.ditt@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 12 November 2018

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