Volunteering for cyclones, fire and disasters


Volunteering is about helping others in your community, especially in times of need - such as during cyclones, fires and severe storms.

To work in some volunteer roles, you will have to get a criminal history check. For some you will need a working with children clearance notice, also called an Ochre Card.

Criminal history check

You can apply online for a criminal history check. You can apply in person at any Territory Business Centre or police station.

As a volunteer, the fee for this check is $5.

Your National Police Certificate will be sent to the volunteer organisation for their assessment. You will also be sent a copy.

For further information you should talk to your volunteer organisation or contact SAFE NT at safent.police@nt.gov.au or 1800 723 368.

Working with children clearance

You can apply online for a working with children clearance, or in person and by mail. You can also apply in person at any Territory Business Centre.

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Last updated: 13 April 2016

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