Medical kits for remote areas

Using your kit

The authorised person is legally responsible for the safe storage and use of the medical kit.

You should talk to a doctor before giving medicines from your kit. Keep the contact details of your supervising doctor or the nearest medical centre nearby.

Non-prescription medicines such as Panadol and Ventolin inhalers may be used without medical advice. Kit items should not replace your personal supply.

If you can't contact a doctor in an emergency, you may give a prescription medicine without medical advice.

In this case, you must report to your supervising doctor in writing by fax or email within seven days. You must give the following details:

  • name of patient
  • what drug was given and amount used
  • the time and date the drug was given
  • name of person responsible for the kit
  • name and signature of person giving the drug.

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Last updated: 07 January 2016

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