Poisons and children

The kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garden shed can contain dangerous substances. 

These can cause poisoning or chemical burns if swallowed, or burn a child's skin or eyes.

Children may not know the difference between containers that hold food and drink and those that hold chemicals and detergents.

Keep the poisons hotline number handy and in your phone. Call 13 11 26.

How to prevent poisoning at home

Put child-resistant locks on laundry, kitchen and bathroom cupboards that contain medicines, cleaning products and toiletries. This includes deodorants, perfume and shaving lotions.

Use a child-resistant medicine cupboard for all medicines, including oral contraceptives. Don't leave them on top of your bedside table or in the drawers.

Check that visitors don't leave bags with tablets in them within your child's reach. 

Keep alcohol and medicines locked away from children.

Don't store things like chemicals and cleaning products in food containers. Keep them in their original containers with child-resistant lids.

Keep medicines and pills in their original packaging. Ask your local pharmacist how to get rid of old medicines.

More information

For more information, go to the following websites:

For more ideas, activities and tips go to the 7 Steps to Safety page on the Department of Children and Families website.

Last updated: 03 August 2018