Road safety information for parents

The following checklist is for parents and primary caregivers to help teach your child about road safety, and to help them get to and from school safety. You can also print this list as a student travel planner (102.0 kb).

Walking to school with your child

Practice walking to and from school with your child.

Always use the crossings properly.

Wait for traffic to stop before crossing.

Riding to school

Read cycling safety and bike education for children.

Teach your child hot to properly fit their helmet.

Practice riding to and from school with your child.

Talk about the safest places to cross the roads.

Driving to school

You should talk to your child about all of the following:

  • always wearing a seatbelt or sitting in a child restraint
  • being a safe passenger
  • where the safe school drop off and pick up locations are 
  • using the car door safety to get in and out of the vehicle - rear door closest to the kerb to enter and exit.

Parents and caregivers should also read road safety and buses.

Last updated: 27 June 2017