Mental health carers

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This page has information for carers of people who have a mental illness.

A carer is someone who is actively involved in a person's care.

It can be either a relative, or someone who is not related such as a friend, housemate or professional carer.

Your rights as a carer

Caring for someone with mental illness is complex and requires commitment.

NT Mental Health Services recognises the contribution and outcomes that result from the work a carer does.

Carers have needs that are separate to the needs of the patient.

As a carer you can expect to be involved in and consulted on treatment, care and discharge plans. 

Access to a patient's information

Most patients want carers to be given information about their treatment.

However, if the patient does not give consent for release of information, the doctor in charge of their care can decide to give you the information.

If they decide not to give their information to you, you may be able to apply to the Mental Health Review tribunal to have the decision reviewed.

For more information on being a carer, read the carers guide to the Mental Health and Related Services Act.

Children of parents with a mental illness

There are several websites that have information for young carers.

Go to any of the following websites:

Last updated: 12 May 2016

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