Mental health treatment options

Northern Territory Mental Health Line: 1800 682 288

Your doctor will discuss treatment options available and rational for their use with you. You have the right to ask for information about any medication choices.

Medical treatment

Under the law, this includes non-psychiatric treatment, such as surgery and other major medical procedures.

A major medical procedure can only be done if the Mental Health Tribunal gives its approval, or your adult guardian agrees to the treatment and has the consent of the court. 

A major medical procedure may be authorised by your doctor to save your life, or prevent serious harm to you.

Disagreeing with treatment

If you are an involuntary patient and you disagree with treatment you are given, you have the right to ask for another doctor to see if you need that particular treatment.

Under the Mental Health and Related Services Act you also have the right to apply to the Mental Health Tribunal for a review of your admission and treatment. Staff will provide you with the information required to request a review.

Last updated: 28 July 2020

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