Social work

Social workers are a part of the multidisciplinary team within the hospital. They see patients who have agreed to use the service, or who have been referred to them by other health care professionals within the hospital.

Social workers work with individuals, carers, families and other health professionals to address psychological and social needs for patients and carers. 

Social workers can provide patients with personal and/or practical assistance for issues that may arise from being in hospital.

Help provided by social workers

In hospital social workers provide the following services:

  • support during periods of change or crisis
  • short term counselling
  • referrals to ongoing or specialist counselling services
  • referrals to community resources and support groups
  • planning for when you leave hospital
  • help speaking with other health professionals
  • contacting government and non-government organisations
  • emotional support
  • child protection and domestic violence support
  • linking in cultural support services where appropriate
  • providing relevant information and education.

How you can access a social worker

Social workers are available in most areas and services of the hospital including:

  • Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit
  • trauma
  • maternity
  • paediatrics
  • medical and surgical areas
  • some specialist outpatient clinics
  • palliative care
  • renal
  • rehabilitation.

Top End social workers

At the Royal Darwin Hospital you can contact social workers by calling the hospital switchboard on (08) 8922 8888 and ask to page the area or ward social worker you need, or ask the ward staff to contact a social worker for you.

Social work services are available during normal business hours from 8am to 4.21pm.

They are located at Allied Health, 1st Floor, Royal Darwin Hospital.

Central Australian social workers

Find out about social workers at the Alice Springs Hospital.

Last updated: 12 October 2016

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