Chaplaincy and pastoral care

Chaplains are members of Allied Health and the multidisciplinary team within the hospital. 

They are available for patients, family and staff. The chaplain can receive referrals from patients and their families, or from staff members.

Chaplains affirm the importance of the physical, emotional, social/cultural, spiritual and religious dimensions of life. 

They will help you use your personal belief system, values, cultural and community resources to build hope and strength for the future.

Chaplaincy services

Chaplains offer patients:

  • time for you to talk about what is happening to you and the meaning of this for your life
  • support that includes belief systems, cultural heritage and personal, spiritual and religious resources that are important to you
  • the choice to organise someone with your own spiritual, religious or philosophical tradition to visit if you ask
  • religious ritual, prayer and sacrament as appropriate
  • help making connections in the community when you leave the hospital
  • help speaking with other health professionals
  • pastoral care and support to dying patients, family and carers, and staff.

Chaplains work with all members of the hospital team.

Chaplains honour the mystery of death and the pain of grief. They help with the rituals and prayers that are important for the person who died and those gathered to mark the passage from life through death and to commemorate the person who died. 

Chaplains will support you with:

  • viewings upon death
  • funeral options
  • memorial services and funerals.

Access a chaplain at Royal Darwin Hospital

Chaplains are available to visit all areas and services of the hospital. They are available 24 hours a day.

Call the Royal Darwin Hospital switchboard on (08) 8922 8888 and ask them to page the chaplain.

You can also ask the ward staff to contact a chaplain for you.

Chaplains and the temporary chapel are located on the second floor, Royal Darwin Hospital.

Access a chaplain at Alice Springs Hospital

The chaplain is available to visit all areas and services of the hospital during working hours from Monday to Friday.

The hospital chaplain is supported by visiting chaplains who visit patients of their own denominations when required. The hospital chaplain coordinates these visits.

Call the Alice Springs Hospital switchboard on (08) 8951 7777 and ask them to page the chaplain. 

If you need a chaplain after hours or during the weekend you can call the switchboard as they have contact details of the local clergy - the visiting chaplains.

The chaplain and chapel are located on the ground floor, Alice Springs Hospital.

Last updated: 04 November 2016

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