Exercise for healthy living

Physical activity is important for good health and wellbeing, and has social and emotional benefits. To get the most benefits, try participating in different types of activities that you enjoy.

Aim to be as active as much as possible during your day.

Benefits of physical activity

Being active regularly will help:

  • healthy weight management
  • improve mood and reduce stress
  • improve heart health
  • reduce chances of developing chronic diseases and some cancers
  • maintain muscle mass and mobility as you get older
  • keep older adults physically strong and better able to move about without falling or becoming too tired.

Tips for being more active

It's never too late to start doing something.

You should choose an activity you enjoy as you are more likely to keep it up.

You don't have to spend money to be active.

To be more active you can:

  • try different activities for different benefits - walking, cycling, water aerobics, line dancing, yoga, belly dancing
  • exercise with friends - it's easier to stay committed and more fun
  • walk or ride to the shop instead of driving
  • get a step counter (pedometer) to increase your daily goal
  • walk your dog every day, or just walk every day
  • park your car further away and walk
  • get off the bus one stop earlier
  • take the stairs instead of the lift
  • join a sport or recreation club or sign-up for a corporate event
  • spend a couple of hours gardening at least once a week.

To find out how to be more active at work, read about healthy workplaces.

Find out about physical activity and exercise guidelines for all Australians on the Australian Government's Department of Health website.

Active living in the NT

Go to the following support services to find out about living an active life in the Northern Territory (NT).

The Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities has information on sport programs, recreation development and events.

To find healthy active lifestyle choices in your region in the NT, go to the following websites:

Last updated: 17 March 2022

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