Patient Assistance Travel Scheme

Patient Assistance Travel Scheme: what you can claim

You must provide original receipts or invoices when making your claim.

The scheme does not cover all your costs. You can't claim for extras such as phone calls or meals during your stay.

If you choose a higher flexible airfare or choose to stay in expensive accommodation you will only receive reimbursement for the set rates, as outlined below.

Travel fares

You can claim full cover for air and bus travel, at the cheapest rate taking into account all travel factors.

You can't claim for car hire.


You can claim either:

  • commercial accommodation - $60 per patient per night
  • or with friends and family - $20 per patient per night.

Ground transport

You can claim up to $50 for the entire approved trip. Escorts are not eligible for a ground subsidy.


You can claim 20 cents per kilometre per patient, to a maximum of three patients per vehicle.

Getting home

If you have been taken to a medical service for emergency treatment or have been transferred between hospitals, you and your escort may be able to get help to return home.

The distance eligibility of 200km one way will be waived.

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Last updated: 28 August 2020

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