Patient Assistance Travel Scheme

How to claim reimbursements

For the Patient Assistance Travel Scheme (PATS) you must claim within three months of your last appointment or scheduled treatment.

Documents you will need

You must provide the following evidence for your claim:

  • original tax invoices and receipts - photocopies are not accepted
  • original public transport tickets, proof of payment for e-tickets or a copy of tickets or itinerary for air travel
  • accommodation invoices and receipts need to clearly show your name and each night of accommodation.

How to claim

Step 1. Get your specialist to fill in the specialist certification form. This form is given to you when you pick up your travel documentation from the PATS office.

Step 2. You must complete a vendor creation form to receive your reimbursement. 

Step 3. Submit the specialist certification form and your receipts to your nearest Patient Assistance Travel Scheme office.

Your reimbursement will be deposited into your nominated bank account through electronic funds transfer.

Rejected applications

If your application doesn't meet the criteria or isn't complete it may be rejected.

If your details are not correct or the bank details are not included, your forms will be returned.


If you are not happy with the help you receive, you can complain or appeal a decision within three months.

You must lodge your appeal in writing and submit it by post, fax or email to your nearest Patient Assistance Travel Scheme office.

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Last updated: 13 May 2016

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