Wading pools on residential properties

There are many types of wading pools, ranging from small plastic, inflatable or portable paddling pools specifically designed for children, to larger varieties that can accommodate over 10 adults.

Fencing requirements for wading pools

If you own a residential property less than 1.8 hectares, with a wading pool that can hold 30cm or more of water, you must do all of the following:

  • have a pool safety barrier that meets the Modified Australian Standard
  • have a compliance certificate issued in your name
  • comply with all the conditions on the compliance certificate.

If you are renting you must consult the property owner. A compliance certificate will be required and this can only be issued to the property owner.

If the wading pool can hold 30cm or more of water, you must:

  • comply with the appropriate fencing and barrier requirements
  • never leave gates propped open
  • make sure there are no climbable objects within 1.2m from the outside of the fence when measured from the top of the fencing
  • make sure there are no climbable items within 30cm of the inside of the fence - eg: tables, chairs, pot plants
  • make sure doors and gates, that are a part of the pool safety barrier, are maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure they self-close and self-latch at all times.

Read about pool fencing and barrier safety standards.

Read how to apply for a compliance certificate.

Water awareness and safety

Drowning is silent. You should always supervise children around water.

If you own a wading pool you should:

  • make sure children are within arm's reach of a responsible adult when playing in the water
  • always drain or deflate the wading pool when not in use
  • store the wading pool where it cannot collect rain water and is out of children's reach.

Pool safety barriers are just one strategy to protect children under the age of five from the danger of swimming pools.

Supervision is also a key strategy along with teaching children to swim.

Read more about drowning and water safety.

Ready about the water safety awareness program with Royal Lifesaving NT and Learn to Swim vouchers for your child.


For more information contact the Pool Fencing Unit.

Last updated: 30 June 2016

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