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Caravan park occupancy agreement

This page has information about occupancy agreements for caravan park operators in the Northern Territory (NT).

An occupancy agreement covers information like rent increases, how long residents can stay and security deposits. You can either write your own occupancy agreement or use the default caravan park rent agreement.

Written occupancy agreement

There is no single required format for a written occupancy agreement.

However, it cannot exclude any of the rights and responsibilities set out in the Caravan Parks Act 2012.

The written agreement is only legally binding if both you and the resident have signed.

What to include in a written occupancy agreement

You should include all of the following:

  • standard terms and conditions set out in the Act
  • caravan park address
  • caravan site location
  • resident name
  • other agreement inclusions like furniture, fixtures and gardens
  • caravan park riles
  • occupancy start and end dates - or just the start date for a periodic occupancy
  • rent details including amount payable, how to pay and rent increases
  • any other terms and conditions that you and the resident agree to follow
  • security deposit details - if applicable
  • services the resident must pay for - e.g: gas or electricity.

You should also include details of anything you have agreed to repair or replace before the resident moves in.

Default agreement

The default occupancy agreement contains all rights and responsibilities set out in the Caravan Parks Act 2012.

It applies in any of the following circumstances:

  • if the written occupancy agreement is not signed by both parties
  • if the written occupancy agreement is not legal
  • if you have entered into a verbal agreement with a resident and no written occupancy agreement exists.

You can use the default agreement to create your own personalised occupancy agreement.

Get an occupancy agreement template from the NT Consumer Affairs website.

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Last updated: 12 December 2016

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