Asbestos and building

Asbestos in soils

This page has information to help developers, builders and environmental consultants in the Northern Territory (NT) manage current and potential exposure to asbestos in soils during site assessment, remediation and development.

If you are concerned about asbestos in the environment, such as illegal dumping of asbestos and contaminated sites, phone the NT Environmental Protection Authority 24-hour pollution hotline on 1800 064 567.

Environmental assessment and remediation

You may have to conduct an environment assessment of your development site to assess its asbestos contamination status. Sometimes this is a condition of your development permit.

The assessment will determine the level and extent of asbestos contamination and what remediation and management measures you will need to take to ensure that your site is fit for purpose.

The asbestos assessment, remediation and management of your site must be conducted in line with both of the following:

  • the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 1999
  • the 2009 Western Australian Department of Health Guidelines for the assessment, remediation and management of asbestos-contaminated sites in Western Australia.

To read the measure, go to the Australian Government's ComLaw website.

To read the guidelines and additional useful information, go to the contaminated sites page at the Western Australian Department of Health website.

Management of soil with asbestos-containing material

If soil on your site has been identified for off-site disposal, it must only be removed by a licensed asbestos removalist and disposed of at a licenced facility. Read more about asbestos removal.

If your site is found to have residual soils with asbestos-containing material during the environment assessment, the NT Environment Protection Authority may require you to develop an ongoing management plan. This plan will be to address the risks of asbestos exposure.

Your site will also be placed on the authority's register of known contaminated sites.

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Last updated: 09 June 2016

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