Manton Dam Recreation Area

If you love water sports, head to Manton Dam.

It's often a hive of activity on weekends, where locals head to for thrills on jet skis, water skis and wakeboards.

You should not swim in Manton Dam.

Manton Dam is a good fishing spot, especially for saratoga and barramundi.

The area is important to several Aboriginal groups including the Larrakia, Limilngan, Wulna, Warray and Koongurrukun people.

Get the Manton Dam fact sheet and map PDF (675.7 KB).

Manton Dam Recreation Area Manton Dam Recreation Area - Walkway Manton Dam Recreation Area - Boat zone


For more information about site access, phone 08 8946 5126.

Park sitesStatusComments Forecast opening
Manton Dam Recreation Area Open-
Dam Open -

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Weekends and public holidays from 8am to 7pm.

Camping is not permitted and the area is closed every night.

Travel 70km south of Darwin and follow signs to the recreation area.

You can do all of the following activities at Manton Dam:

  • boating
  • water sports
  • fishing - following restrictions and fishing laws.

Manton Dam has all of the following facilities:

  • information signs
  • barbecues
  • public toilets
  • picnic area
  • boat ramp.

When visiting the park, remember all of the following:

  • put your rubbish in the bin or take it with you
  • stay on designated roads, tracks and parking areas
  • all cultural items and wildlife are protected
  • pets are not permitted in the area
  • camping is not permitted
  • nets, traps and firearms are not permitted
  • be careful with fire and only light fires in fireplaces provided
  • avoid using soaps or detergent in or near waterways
  • observe all fishing regulations
  • check your vehicle and boat are not transporting weeds like salvinia and pests like cane toads
  • a permit is required for drone use - conditions apply and it must be obtained prior to your arrival in the reserve.

You can have a safe and comfortable trip to Manton Dam by doing all of the following:

  • observe park safety signs
  • observe recreation zones, speed limits and restrictions
  • carry and drink plenty of water
  • wear a shady hat, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • wear suitable clothing and footwear
  • carry a first aid kit
  • avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day
  • make sure your vehicle and/or boat is well-maintained and equipped
  • beware of theft, lock vehicles and secure valuables.

There is an emergency call device in the car park.

Last updated: 15 July 2022

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