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Park sitesStatusComments Forecast opening
Judbarra / Gregory National Park Open   -
Sullivan Campground on Victoria Highway Open   -
Victoria Gorge Access Open   -
Escarpment Walk Open   -
Old Victoria Road Crossing Open   -
Joe Creek and Ngawilbinbin Walk Open   -
Big Horse Campground Open   -
Big Horse Boat Ramp Open   -
Gregory's Tree Open   -
Limestone Gorge Campground Closed Closed due to flood damage.  Anticipated re-opening June 2022
Limestone Gorge – Calcite Flow Walk Closed Closed due to flood damage.  Anticipated re-opening June 2022
Lupayi Campground - Jasper Gorge Open   -
4WD tracks
Humbert Track Open  -
Tuwakam Track Open   -
Bullita Stock Route Track Open   -
Wickham Track Open -
Broadarrow Track Open -
Gibbie Creek Track Open -
Bullita Access Road Open  -
Bullita Stock Route Track  -
Bullita Homestead and campground Open   -
East Baines Crossing Campground Open  -
Drover’s Rest Campground Open  -
Gibbie Track  -
Paperbark Yard Campground Open -
Humbert Track  -
Top Humbert Campground Open  -
Fig Tree Yard Campground Open  -
Broad Arrow 4WD Track  -
Camel Point Campground Open -
East Baines Campground Open -
Open Escarpment Lookout Campground Open -
Wilingarri Campground Open -
Depot Creek Campground Open -

Last updated: 04 June 2021

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30 September 2022, 8:17 pm