Flares are essential for indicating you are in trouble. They also help search vessels find you.

You must carry flares if you are boating in intermediate and open waters in the Northern Territory (NT). This includes:

  • tidal rivers
  • sheltered water areas
  • all coastal waters.

You must carry two red hand flares and two orange smoke flares.

Red hand flares

Red hand flares perform best at night and can be seen up to ten kilometres away.

They can be used during the day but are less effective.

Orange smoke flares

Orange smoke flares are recommended for day time use.

In daylight they can be visible up to four kilometres away.

Flares need to be stored in a waterproof container.

You should keep this container in a low impact part of the boat. This will protect the flares during rough conditions.

Only fire a flare in an emergency situation and when you think someone will see the flare.

Check the instructions before use.

Always replace flares before the expiry date. Out of date flares can be unreliable.

Find out what you need to do to hold a flare demonstration.

Out of date flares should be taken to the NT Water Police for safe disposal.

NT Water Police
27 Nebo Road
East Arm NT 0822

Last updated: 04 March 2021

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