Wharves and moorings in Frances Bay, Darwin

Charges to berth or moor a vessel in Frances Bay, Darwin

You must pay to use the berthing and mooring facilities in Frances Bay under the control of the Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment. 

All charges include GST.

Berthing at Fishermans and Raptis wharves and Hornibrooks Pontoon

A one day minimum charge applies at all Frances Bay wharves and pontoons except for the following exemptions. 

Unloading fishing cargo is free for the first eight hours if booked in advance with the small ships scheduler. The daily rate will be charged after eight hours. 

Cargo operations on other commercial vessels are free for the first three hours. The daily rate will be charged after three hours.

Refuelling at Fishermans Wharf is free for the first two hours as long as crew stay on board the vessel. A daily rate will be charged after two hours if refuelling is the sole purpose of berthing.

Where vessels are also loading or unloading cargo or fish, the two-hour refuelling fee exemption is added to the other cargo operations exemptions.

A day equals a 24-hour period.

ItemUnitDaily fee
Fishing and commercial vesselsLOA$1.43
Non-booked fishing and commercial vesselsLOA$4.31

Berths at Frances Bay Mooring Basin

The following charges apply to berths in the Frances Bay Mooring Basin marina.

Pen rental for fishing and commercial vessels

20m mooring basin pen - long termPer day$16.95
25m mooring basin pen - long termPer day$21.69
30m mooring basin pen - long termPer day$25.76
20m mooring basin pen - casualPer day$37.41
25m mooring basin pen - casualPer day$47.60
30m mooring basin pen - casualPer day$56.70

Pen rental for pleasure craft and use of service wharf by non-resident vessels

Daily rate$172.22

 After-hours lock movement

Prior booking$332.60
No prior booking$515.60

Electricity and water

Electricity and water are charged at the rate set by Power and Water and Jacana Energy

Electricity connectionPer connection$38.93
Electricity adaptorPer day$33.23
Electricity usePer kilowatt$0.31
Water connectionPer connection$58.37
Water usePer kilolitre$2.02

Hornibrooks careening poles and Sadgroves Creek moorings

Mooring at Sadgroves CreekPer day$3.42
Use of Hornibrooks careening polesPer day$15.86

Storage fees

Hardstand vessel storage is available at Hornibrooks and Frances Bay Mooring Basin.

The first four days of storage are free of charge for cargo clearance. All storage fees are per square metre.

1 year or morePer day$0.32
3 months or more at Hornibrooks or the mooring basinPer day$0.41
CasualPer day$1.70
Mooring basin hardstandPer day$1.93
Hornibrooks hardstandPer day$1.93

Equipment hire

Forklift and operatorPer hour$212.08
Forklift onlyPer hour$128.53
Administration fee for using external providersN/A17%

Oil spill clean up charges

The charge for cleaning up oil spills is the full cost of recovery plus an administration fee. 

Northern Territory Government equipment is charged at the full hire rate.

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Last updated: 18 March 2016

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