Keep River National Park

Keep River National Park is one of the Northern Territory's (NT) best kept secrets. It's home to geological wonders and sites that reveal ancient Aboriginal rock art.

The city of striped sandstone structures, which can be likened to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia (WA), are best seen on the 7km Jarnem Walk.

There is also rock art at Nigli Gap and on the Jenemoom Walk you can see more ancient Aboriginal paintings and shell middens.

Keep River National Park is on the traditional lands of the Miriwoong and Garjirrabeng people.

There are saltwater crocodiles in all waterways in the Keep River National Park. Do not swim and Be Crocwise at all times.

Get the Keep River National Park fact sheet and map PDF (742.9 KB).

Keep River National Park Keep River National Park Keep River National Park - Information signs


Phone: (08) 9167 8827

Park sites Access Comments Forecast opening
Keep River National Park Open NA
Information Centre Open NA
Cockatoo Billabong Open NA
Ginger's Hill Walk Open NA
Jenemoom Walk Open NA
Goorandalng Loop WalkOpen NA
Goorandalng campgroundOpen NA
Jarnem Campground Open NA
Jarnem walks
Nigli Gap Open NA
Lookout walk Open NA
Loop walk Open NA

Seasonal closures due to flooding from November to April.

Check road conditions before you leave home.

The park is 3km east of the NT and WA border.

Roads throughout the park are unsealed.

You can see and do all of the following in the park:

Camping fees apply and are payable on-site.

Keep River National Park has all of the following facilities:

  • information signs
  • ranger station
  • visitor centre - open from 6.30am to 6.30pm
  • fire pits
  • drinking water
  • public toilets
  • picnic area
  • campground
  • walking tracks
  • telephone - at the ranger station.

When visiting the park, remember all of the following:

  • take your rubbish with you as there are no bins in the park
  • stay on marked roads and tracks
  • cultural items and wildlife are protected
  • pets are not permitted in the park
  • nets, traps and firearms are not permitted
  • be careful with fire and light fires only in fireplaces provided
  • camp only in marked camping areas
  • collect firewood before arriving at your picnic or campsite
  • generators are only permitted at Goorrandalng Campground and must be turned off by 8.30pm
  • follow all fishing laws
  • check your vehicle is not transporting pests like weeds and cane toads.

Phone: 08 9167 8827

Last updated: 07 March 2019


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